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Celebrate Friends, Love and Wine with February Marketing Ideas

Updated: Feb 25

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February Fun Can Help Keep the Blues Away

For some, February is the most depressing month of the year. Winter weather, lack of sunlight, the struggle to stick to New Year's resolutions, and post-holiday letdown – all play into the shortest month of the year is also the least liked.

It can be challenging to stay on top of your responsibilities and tasks during this time, especially when regularly creating new content for your website. So, here is a list of fun and creative things you can do to mark important dates in February.

Groundhog Day (Feb. 2)


Celebrating Groundhog Day can be a fun way to engage and help your clients, business partners, and followers get over the February blues. Engage clients and partners in a relaxed, informal setting by hosting a Groundhog Day prediction contest using your social media channels. Encourage followers to predict whether the groundhog will see its shadow. Offer a discount, a small prize, or a special offer to those who guess correctly.

Blog posts for inspiration:

National Send a Card to a Friend Day (Feb. 7)


Engaging your followers to create cards using a template on your website can be a fantastic way to celebrate this heartwarming tradition of sending cards to show appreciation and love to those we care about. Encouraging people to share their cards on social media and tag your company is a fantastic opportunity to engage with your clients and followers and create a sense of community.

Turn to Pinterest for DIY card ideas.

Valentine's Day (Feb. 14)


Promoting limited-time offers can make people feel compelled to act fast, driving more traffic to your website and social media pages. So, hold a special sale or giveaway on your website for Valentine's Day and share the news on social media.


Use a hashtag related to your brand to get your customers to share their favorite love quotes, stories, or what love means to them on social media. Select the most inspiring or heartwarming ones and share them on your social media channels or websites. Using the sentimental value of Valentine's Day can help connect with your clients in a fun and meaningful way that also promotes your brand in a good way.

To get you started, 100 inspiring love quotes.

Open that Bottle Night (Feb. 24)


"Open That Bottle Night" is an annual event on the last Saturday of February. It encourages people to open a bottle of wine they have been saving for a special occasion, allowing them to enjoy it and make memories. What's a better way to connect with your clients and followers informally than to create and share memorable experiences? Host a live virtual wine tasting, encouraging clients to open their special bottles at home and share their experiences, taste notes, and stories in real time. Promote this event on your social media and website.

Leap Day, February 29


Use your platform to talk about fun facts about Leap Year or well-known people born on February 29. Encourage people to share their Leap Day stories or discuss how they plan to enjoy the extra day.

Each of these ideas uses the uniqueness of the February holidays to give your customers fun and memorable experiences that will make them want to interact with your brand and stay connected.

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