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Celebrate Spring with Our May Marketing Calendar

Marketing ideas to help Marketers on MOthers Day

May Marketing Calendar Helps Your Business Grow

Spring is the period of renewal and growth. Our May marketing calendar, tailored specifically for small business owners, will help you prepare for spring and plant the seeds of success.

We all have creative blocks from time to time. And that is OKAY. So, we created this calendar to inspire creative ways to promote and celebrate your business throughout the month. Take advantage of this season's momentum to engage your clients and enhance your company's visibility through unique initiatives and events.

Mother's Day, May 12


Mother's Day is held on the second Sunday of May to honor and appreciate mothers and mother figures worldwide. Here are some ideas on how to recognize their tremendous efforts and sacrifices in nurturing and shaping lives:

  • Host a Mom's Day Off Contest: Organize a contest where your followers can nominate a mother (themselves or others) to receive a small prize package, such as free items or services from your company. To get as many people as possible to enter, spread the word about the event on all your social media platforms.

  • Mom Tribute Wall: Encourage your followers, clients, and employees to share images of their mothers alongside a short tale or message on your social media sites or in the designated space in the office. Select a few for your main page to honor mothers everywhere. This may boost emotional connection and visibility through shares and likes.

Powerful quotes that celebrate mothers: 


Memorial Day, May 27

With roots in Decoration Day, a name held for over a century, this holiday was officially designated Memorial Day by federal law in the 1970s. To mark the day, consider hosting a:

  • Patriotic Photo Contest: Encourage followers to post photos of how they're commemorating Memorial Day, potentially in unique ways. Offer symbolic prizes for the best creative or patriotic images.

  • Company BBQ or Picnic: Host a barbecue or picnic for employees to commemorate veterans. Include patriotic decorations and invite local veterans to speak.

Discover more about the significance of Memorial Day.

National Smile Day, May 31


We know that smiling can significantly improve our well-being and social relationships. So, celebrate National Smile Day and encourage your community to share smiles and spread happiness.

  • Offer Smile Discounts: Run a one-day offer in which clients who smile at the checkout, whether in person or through a selfie online, receive a discount on their purchase. 

  • Launch a Smile Campaign: Start a 'smile' campaign inviting followers or staff to share a photo or video of themselves smiling. You may also encourage them to share a story about what makes them happy.

For more information, read quick facts about the National Smile Day.



Grab our marketing calendar to get creative ideas for blog posts, marketing campaigns, and other projects to help your business grow. These are a few unique ideas for strengthening relationships, attracting new clients, and boosting morale and health at work. At Sandbox Communications, we are eager to assist you in developing a content strategy. Get in touch with us to have a quick chat and learn more.

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