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It’s Summer: Don’t Let These Ideas Melt Away

Being a small business owner is hard; you wear many hats while juggling standing on one foot. So sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with tasks like creating content for your website. To help, below is a list of ideas for June.

Pride is Contagious

Human Rights Campaign says, “Pride is showing up, as you are, and having the bravery to build a world where LGBTQ+ people can be safe, celebrated and joyful in all aspects of our lives.” So, the question is, how are you celebrating? How do you ensur

e all your clients feel safe. Take this opportunity to share why the month Is important to you, how you welcome clients “without exception.” Check out HRC for more information.


Best friends – the ones who know where the bodies are buried, pour the wine when stress takes hold and are our greatest cheerleaders – are celebrated on June. 8. So why not write a blog post about how your BFFs have supported you and your business over the years? It may seem like a silly idea, but how does writing about a friend support your business blog – people want to do business with people they know and trust. They want to know your. They want to know the silly stories that made you you. So, share – what you feel comfortable sharing.

To get you started, some inspiring quotes about friendship.

Father’s Day

My dad has grown up so beautifully. He was a tough father growing up, but now, he’s amazing. You may not have a close relationship with your dad, or your dad may not have been around. It’s not easy for everyone, and we do need to respect that. However, many have had mentors, father figures, uncles or others in our lives who helped shape the person we’ve become. Share your stories and connect with your clients.

To get you started, some inspiring quotes about fathers.


While June 19, celebrating the end of slavery in the U.S. after the Civil War, is now a federal holiday, it’s still relatively new, and businesses are navigating the best way to mark the day. As a small business, you can create change – starting with a simple blog post on your website. So where do you begin? Check out a New York Times article on the history and then some blog posts to inspire your writing:

Summertime in the City

“Summer summer summertime / Time to sit back and unwind,” sang DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince in “Summertime.” The problem is that even though school’s out and we've moved from spring to summer (officially on June 21), business doesn’t stop. But it is a great time for connecting with customers. It’s a time to share stories and memories – stories of dropped ice cream cones, summer love and top-down drives bring us together.

Blog posts for inspiration:

Additional Resources

Sometimes you just want more. For me, it’s either more fried potatoes (French fries, potato chips, or tater tots) or chocolate – even better chocolate-covered potato chips but I digress – in the case of this post, it’s more resources:

Sandbox Communications can help you create a content plan. Contact us for an initial chat to learn more.

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