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Why Sandbox Communications?

What’s in a name?

I selected Sandbox Communications because I call it playing when I talk about coming up with a campaign, developing messaging, or creating social media. I like to play with words. Play with images and play with creative ways to present ideas. It’s my goal to help small and medium-sized businesses excel in ways that are fun, authentic, and involve less of the typical BS found in some communications.

We are in a new era of communications. There is so much noise drowning out quieter voices; however, there are ways to stand out – you just have to be more creative.

The other reason Sandbox has meaning to me is that sandboxes are where you test IT-related programs without affecting existing applications. The IT connection is part of my history. Both of my parents essentially retired as Chief Information Officers. I’ve been tangentially a part of the IT industry since the '70s with them.

When I develop communications techniques, I also determine the best way to employ technology to extend messages, more effectively reach a targeted audience – and find the most creative way to present ideas.

So for me, Sandbox is a way to play with communications in new ways to build audiences and generate more revenue for small businesses, associations and nonprofits.



Want to connect?

Sandbox Recommended Tools

Use these tools only for brainstorming; you’ll get generic ideas, but they can help spark something creative.

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