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Getting results doesn't have to be boring. Partnering with Sandbox is the fun way to help you grow.

Fun isn't a four-letter word. 

We were tired of the usual communications firms that don't understand that business is personal. It's about people and people need to connect. We do that. We connect with you; with the audience. As a result: results (oh and maybe a laugh or two).

We tap into our founder's 20+ years of communications experience to make a difference in your organization. Check out our services or contact us for information on how we can help you - if you want to have fun and get results. 


“Hiring Heather McElrath and Sandbox Communications was one of the best decisions I have made professionally. She is responsive, creative, and knows what we need before we need it. She took the time to get to know Airluum, and truly understands our company, our mission, and our clients.
We were so impressed with her work that we more than doubled our original SOW within a month. She is skilled at drafting content and developing strategy. Sometimes I get a mini-marketing class along with the agreed-upon deliverable!
Each time I come to her with a project, she delivers more than expected and helps my team understand the reasons behind her suggestions. She communicates clearly and effectively with engineers and programmers, which has saved both time and money.
I can’t recommend her services highly enough."


Chief Operating Officer, Airluum

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